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 Items used to create my artwork include genuine, surf tumbled, sea glass found on beaches by either me or friends from all around the World; along with other mixed media that incorporates more than one type of physical material needed to generate my finished artwork. All pieces are unique, signed originals and one of a kind. This is a special piece with the Disney theme Frozen II in mind. Disney can print millions of photos, but only one lucky person can own a one and only piece of artwork in the World like this one. Sea Glass used in this artwork came from Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, Los Cabos MX and Delaware…….A high quality UV Art Resin is applied to the surface for preservation and dusting abilities. It will never yellow from the sun or crack in the cold. This piece is in a custom made, Shabby Chic, white, Floater Frame that measures, 14 x 14 x 1 inch and weigh roughly 5 lbs. The frame size allows you many options to display your artwork. Picture hangers are attached so it can be hung on a wall; can be placed in a low easel to be used in various places like a window, table, fireplace; or hung in a window as a sun catcher with a chain.

“Friends Forever" #90 Sea Glass Art ~ Mary Lou Powers

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