“just breathe” on creme glass.

This is a one of a kind fused glass charm attached to a hand dyed silk cord.  The wording is done with a special process that actually fuses the iron oxide from the printing into the glass - this is not a decal, it will not rub off.
The glass is designed and created by me and therefore each one is unique.  The size is approx. 7/8 high by 1 7/8 long.  
The silk cord is hand dyed, 36" long and is made in the US. The color variations are quite beautiful.  
I have named this the Serenity Bracelet as it is a calming source for me.  I find myself rubbing the glass or silk, almost like a worry stone.  This bracelet can be worn all the time - it is safe to wear in the water, and is quite comfortable to sleep in.  It would also be possible to wear this as an anklet.   
To tie the bracelet put your hand through the loop and pull tight so the charm is laying flat on your wrist.  then cross the ends of the cord over your wrist, cross them under your wrist and then back on top of the wrist and tie a double knot.  The size of your wrist and your desired look will determine how many times you wrap the cord around your wrist. 
I hope this bracelet brings you joy and peace.

Serenity Bracelet - Just Breathe ~ Designs by Leslie

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