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She was named after one of the professional dancers on “Dancing With The Stars” TV show who she resembles. This is a very special piece of art. She is wearing red nail polish and was created with sea shells, pink pearls and yellow sea glass flowers in her hair. She is resting on Abalone shells. Created with rare colored sea glass: cobalt blue from Nova Scotia; red from Canada; sea foam from Grand Turk; aqua from Hawaii; and yellow sea glass from Puerto Rico. It is in a gray distressed wood frame that measures 14 ¾ x 14 ¾ x 1 inch and weighs 5 lbs. This art is from genuine surf tumbled sea glass picked by me or my friends on various beaches around the world. High quality, UV Art Resin has been applied to the surface for preservation and dusting abilities. Resin will not yellow or crack in heat or cold. This piece of art can be used as a sun catcher in a window, set on a piano, table or window on an easel or as a piece of art on your wall.


“Sharna, The Mermaid” #37 Sea Glass Art

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